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Yellow Gold

Most rings are 14 to 18 karats (24-kt gold is too soft for everyday wear.) For yellow gold, the price comes down versus platinum. Fair-skinned people may not like how yellow gold complements their skin, but the coloful metal looks great on darker-toned skin.

White Gold

White gold gets its color from alloys (nickel, silver) that are added for strength. It’s beautiful for every skin tone. You can expect the same cost for both white and yellow gold.  In addition to yellow and white, rose gold is an increasingly popular color that complements all skin tones.


Platinum is the heaviest of the precious metals – twice the weight of gold – and extremely pure; most platinum rings are 90- to 95-percent platinum. This, plus its rarity, makes it the most expensive. Its icy-white color lends itself very well to diamonds and colored stones. Platinum also is hypoallergenic.

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