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8 Ways to Accessorize Your Gown's Neckline

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Pair this beloved bridal neckline with a statement collar necklace and either stud earrings or none at all, says Rachel Leonard, fashion director for Brides magazine. “Another option is to wear statement earrings and not the necklace," she says. Be careful that the proportion of the earrings works with the shape of your face – chandelier earrings often work best versus those that are long and narrow. With that, wear an accessory in the hair that is placed towards the back of the head so it doesn’t compete.”


This is the sexiest of necklines, says Erin Carpenter, a Chicago-based bridal and fashion stylist. “To embrace the sexiness, a pendant necklace that hits the top of your cleavage will do the trick, paired with coordinating long dangle earrings,” she says. “To downplay it, skip the necklace and go for show-stopper earrings, or pair small earrings with another source of sparkle, like a belt or brooch.”


“The beauty of the portrait neckline is that it frames the face,” Leonard says. “With it, you can wear a delicate drop or pendant necklace with delicate earrings or studs. A headband would also look nice with this look, or something simple placed toward the back of the head.”


This on-trend neckline has “retro” written all over it, says Carpenter. “Stay away from necklaces and shoulder-dusting earrings – you don’t want to compete with that fabric up top,” she says. “You can’t go wrong with simple post earrings (think pearls or diamond studs) and a vintage-inspired headpiece, like a pillbox hat with attached veil. Bonus points for ladylike gloves and a multi-strand pearl bracelet!”


With this strappy style, skip the necklace in favor of statement drop earrings, says Leonard. “You can add on a bracelet and a headband, but with a headband keep the earrings to studs or small drops.”


Keep the necklace, if any, up around the collar bone –you don’t want it to be dangling down into the neckline, says Carpenter. “Depending on the intricacy of the dress, you can go bold with a wide collar necklace of stones or pearls, or simple with a single strand. A V-neck also is a good reason to go bare-neck and find another accessory to be the star, such as a cascading earring, one or more bangles or cuffs, or a delicate headband.”


If the one-shoulder has no detail, then statement drop earrings would be perfect, says Leonard. But if there’s a dramatic flower or bow on the gown, she advises going with simple studs, little drops or nothing at all.

“And I always like bangles, cuffs or a bracelet on the opposite wrist of the one-shoulder for balance,” Leonard adds.


Because this circular, just-above-the-collarbone neckline has so much going on already, keep the accessories simple, says Carpenter. “A small drop earring – I prefer more formal posts over hook-backs on brides – and no necklace is the way to go. If you’re looking for more embellishment, opt for a delicate bracelet or a brooch pinned into the back of your hair.”

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