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4 Style Doís and Doníts for Grooms

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The bride seems to receive all of the attention on the big day, but that doesn’t mean that a groom shouldn’t look his best and take up an equal part of the spotlight. Today’s grooms may not want to stick to traditional options, and that’s OK.

More couples are looking into alternative outfits or spicing up the traditional formal look of a tuxedo. Modern grooms just need to keep in mind a few style tips regardless of what outfit they don when they say “I do.”

How can guys look their best on their wedding day? Here are four tips to ensure grooms look their best while still retaining individual style.

1. Stick to what’s appropriate

Grooms have plenty of options these days, but that doesn’t mean they should show up to their nuptials wearing just anything.

“Be sure that the outfit you choose is appropriate for the formality of the occasion,” says Kylie Carlson, CEO of the International Academy of Wedding & Event Planning. “You don't want to order a tuxedo for a rustic backyard wedding, or show up in khakis for a ballroom affair.”

Carlson recommends that couples discuss style concepts before ordering anything to make sure they are on the same page. Consider the tone and style of the wedding when deciding whether to go traditional or alternative in your look.

2. Explore non-tux options

While there certainly isn’t anything wrong with donning a formal tuxedo if it fits the occasion, you may want to mull over other options — and there are many of them popping up at today’s celebrations.

“There is a time and a place for a tuxedo at a wedding, but many grooms are choosing alternative options for a more stylish and contemporary look,” Carlson explains. Suspenders and bow ties are a top option for more rustic affairs. Even cardigans can have a place at the right affair; they have gained popularity for colder-weather weddings.

If you go with a suit, remember that the pieces don’t necessarily have to match, either.
“Pairing colors, textures and patterns that don’t traditionally go together is a fun way for the groom to stand out in his own right,” Carlson says. “Think bold patterned ties with a mismatched jacket and vest!”

Coordinate the look with groomsmen (and the entire bridal party) for a cohesive look. But when it comes to accessories, the groom may want to stand out. Maybe you have a vest and your groomsmen don’t, you wear a hat or you have a larger boutonniere than the others.

3. Embrace alternative colors

A black or blue suit may look best for your affair, but they aren’t the only choices grooms have.

“Neutral color palettes have never been more popular and grooms are extending this trend to their outfits,” Carlson says.

You can also add a pop of color and show off a more playful side with jewel tones or pastels. Just make time to coordinate the hues with the bride and bridal party. See what blooms the florist will be using and choose colors that will complement the bridal bouquet for a cohesive look, Carlson advises.

4. Find the right fit

Regardless of the ensemble, ensuring a proper fit makes everything look seamless and sharp — a must for a wedding, even if it’s a casual affair.

“Your wedding suit is the most important suit you will ever wear, so the fit should be perfect,” Carlson says. She advises grooms to research tailors in the area and specify about how they want the outfit to fit.

“Also make sure you take it in with plenty of time to spare, because the last thing you want is to procrastinate and there not be enough time for proper alterations,” Carlson says.

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