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For years, men in the wedding party had only one style choice: black tuxedo or suit. Now, though, the game is completely different.

“There are really no rules to groomsmen attire,” says Courtney Arrington-Baldwin, co-owner of Mr. Baldwin Style. “The most important thing is that the groom can be distinguished from the groomsmen, whether it be from a small detail like a different bow tie or necktie or a large difference like a completely different suit or tuxedo.”

While many traditions have been thrown out, though, style experts still emphasize the importance of great tailoring. “The number one thing is fit. This is the one day where a groom and his groomsmen will have photos taken together, from all different angles. Having a tailor fix hems, sleeves, seats of pants and the length and backs of jackets is a must,” advises Alarna Hope, fashion stylist and author of Grooms Guide.

Today, groomsmen have a wide range of suit styles to choose from, ranging from super formal to more relaxed and fun. Here are a few of the biggest trends in menswear, according to industry professionals.

1. Elegant Embellishments

“Overall, we are seeing that many grooms are getting fancier with their tuxedo and dinner jacket selections,” says Arrington-Baldwin. Swapping out simple, solid-colored wool for fabrics with texture, such as velvet, corduroy, brocade or jacquard, are an easy way to upgrade your jacket game.

Patterns, too, add an extra dimension of interest. Windowpanes, plaids, paisleys, herringbones and even florals are all increasingly popular options for elevating your wedding day suit.

2. Bold Colors

Color isn’t limited to accessories for modern groomsmen; entire suits can be any shade of the rainbow from subtle pastels to bright jewel tones. “All shades of blue from French blue to midnight blue have been popular over the last few years and continue to be today,” says Arrington-Baldwin.

3. Rough and Rugged

As many couples opt for more casual events, groomsmen’s style is following suit. “I still am seeing many more rugged wedding looks coming from grooms and I think that will continue, particularly for weddings held in cooler months,” says Hope. Tweed suits, suspenders, open collars and no-jacket looks all are great options for ensuring your groomsmen fit in with a casual wedding vibe.

4. Formal Throwback

For more glamorous affairs, some groomsmen are opting for old-school styles. Think ivory dinner jackets with shawl lapels a la James Bond, three-piece suits or double-breasted jackets.

5. Fancy Footwear

For a modern-head-to-toe groomsmen look, think outside the shoebox. While brogues and lace-up shoes are classic, consider spicing things up with a pair of brightly colored derby shoes, suede desert boots or even Converse. It’s a simple way to add a bit of interest to a typically overlooked element.

6. Accessories and Accents

Another way to add touches of personality is with accessories. “As gifting groomsmen has become more of a standard practice now, many grooms are buying cufflinks for their groomsmen. There's so many to choose from and they can be reused effortlessly in a man’s wardrobe,” says Hope.

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