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Fathers aren’t usually known for being style icons. But that doesn’t mean they can’t look sharp and chic on their child’s wedding day.

Whether you’re the father of the bride or groom, here are a few tips for finding the right suit for you according to the experts at The Groomsman Suit, an online suit and tuxedo brand.

1. Be consistent and complementary

While fathers are not required to wear the same thing as the groom and his attendants, they should match the level of formality. So, if the wedding is black-tie, then fathers should wear a tuxedo in black or midnight blue. If the men in the wedding party are wearing suits, so should the fathers.

“It is not required for them to wear the same suit but that is an option. They can be styled in the same suit but swap out the necktie or bow tie to differentiate their look a bit,” says Courtney Arrington-Baldwin, author and lead stylist at The Groomsman Suit. “An ivory or white tie to complement the bride’s look (for father of the bride) is a great option as well.”

2. Keep it classic and subtle

The wedding day is all about the couple, so fathers should avoid choosing anything too bold that will distract from the bride or groom.

“Fathers should err on the side of more classic looks and in-keeping with the style and theme of the other wedding party looks,” advises Arrington-Baldwin. “This is not the time for them to take any major fashion risks or try showstopper looks.”

For fathers that still want to wear something a bit more modern, Arrington-Baldwin suggests a sleek, monochromatic look.

“Before the dads settle on any look for the day, they should be sure to consult the couple or whoever is in charge of making decisions on the wedding looks,” she adds.

3. Find the right fit

“Fathers must remember that fit is key!” says Arrington-Baldwin. “Sometimes, men lean towards a size too large because it is ‘comfortable,’ but wedding attire will look best in photos when it is nice and fitted.”

She suggests opting for a slim or modern fit suit with two buttons or a tuxedo with either one or two buttons.

Other simple fit tips:

Shoulders: Jacket seams should sit right on top of the spot where your arm connects to your shoulder. Lumps or wrinkles equal a poor fit. 

Jacket Length: The body of the jacket should hit around the middle of your hand.

Jacket Closure: If a jacket is too small, it will create large creases around the closure when buttoned.

Alternatively, if you can pull the jacket more than an inch from your chest, it’s too big.

4. Invest in customization

Renting a suit or tuxedo may be the most economical option, but you’re more likely to end up with an outfit that is ill fitting. “Investing in a custom suit or alterations for a ready-to-wear suit will help to ensure the perfect fit,” says Arrington-Baldwin.

Plus, if you spend a bit more on a classic, well-tailored suit, you can wear it for years of special occasions to come.

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