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If you’re only experience with fake eyelashes has been fussing with the uncomfortable, unnatural-looking strips found at drugstores, it’s understandable if you’re wary of donning them for your wedding. But when quality products are placed by a professional, the process is painless and the result is a more glamorous you.

Properly applied, false lashes help to enhance your eyes’ own natural shape, says bridal hair and makeup artist Crystal Walters, who owns Orlando-based Weddings by Crystal.

And rather than overpower the eyes, false lashes frame them. This is especially helpful for pictures when you need more definition and you want your eyes to really sparkle and pop.

To ensure it looks luscious but also relatively natural, your beauty specialist should customize the size, length and placement of your faux fringe to suit the size of your eyes.

“If the false lashes are too big or lush, they’ll tend to look overdone and ‘spidery!’” says Walters. Using smaller lashes on the inner third of your eyes and medium lashes on the outer two-thirds is a great way to create an elegantly wide-eyed, fluttery feel.
While some ultra-glam or vintage-inspired brides might prefer the dramatic effect of full strips, if you’d like a subtle look, opt for single lashes.

“Always use waterproof glue, as most brides will shed a tear or two on the big day!” Walters adds. That said, occasionally a bride is allergic to a particular glue, so it’s smart to have a trial run.

Another option is lash extensions, notes Walters. Available in different sizes and materials — synthetic, silk and mink — they’re applied one at a time to your real lashes with semi-permanent glue. A full set takes approximately two hours and ideally are applied about one week prior to your I do’s; you’ll completely shed them in about three months.

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