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Today a wedding isn't a wedding if it doesn't have a lot of sparkle. "There is an aspect of glitter in every single wedding now," says Sophie Solinsky, owner of Soirée Event Design in Spokane, Wash.

Just as glitter could make you feel special and sparkly when you were a kid, a glittery wedding can make your big day fun and different from a regular formal party.

The right amount of sparkle

While glitter adds a touch of glamour to your event, it's important to get the right balance. Too much isn't necessarily a good thing. "Glitter brings almost this magical element," says Bethany Olczak, owner of Lilypad Wedding & Events in Buffalo, New York. However, she adds, if your event is dripping in glitter, it's not going to be noticed. "[You] want it to be a surprise element. You want it to be something that's unexpected."

On the other hand, Olczak advises that the "less is more" theory doesn't work either. "Picking a couple of big moments and carrying that through in your small details makes it what we call a signature event that's unique to the couple and carried through."

Where to add shimmer

Start with your wedding stationery. Glitter-lined envelopes or invitations of glitter card stock set the tone for your event. Don't put loose glitter inside the envelope because it's messy.

Glitter on bridesmaids' dresses gives them a fun pop, especially if the dress is a neutral color, says Solinsky.

Add elegance to the ceremony with glitter accents. Make seating shine with glittered pew or chair bows. Walk down an aisle of sparkle on a custom glitter reusable fabric runner.

Bouquets pop when non-delicate flowers are sprayed with glitter. Or trade your bridal bouquet for a fun brooch bouquet, which is a "great way to highlight a glitter wedding," says Olczak. Keep in mind that making one can be like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, and its wiring and handle have to be strong enough to hold it up.

Make your reception shine

Glitter is the perfect accent for a reception. Use it as a table element – on table numbers, runners, plate chargers or a single linen. A classy sequined tablecloth makes the head table or cake table stand out. Sequined pipe and drape make walls pop. Lighting is key to making it look good. In a dark room, dramatic up-lighting on glitter can bring in pops of color, says Solinsky.

Glitter candles in mercury vases also give a unique look to a table, and a fun way to mix two great decorating trends is to spray glitter onto greenery.

Glitter can even go on food. "Edible glitter is a treat that a lot of people don't see coming," says Olczak. Dip frosted donuts in glitter instead of sprinkles or use it as a sugar rim on cocktail and champagne glasses. Some venues may allow you to bring in glitter-filled ice cubes for your signature cocktail.

Avoid a messy cleanup

Although it seems like glitter can go anywhere, remember that it can go everywhere – and not in a good way. Avoid using loose glitter on tables. "A lot of venues have contracts that specifically say you can't have loose glitter," says Solinsky.

And sure, a glitter cannon send off might be picture-perfect, but its reputation for being hard to clean may create an unpleasant aftermath. Olczak warns that venues may charge additional cleanup fees for using loose glitter, but your guests may also be angry with you. "These are your closest friends and family. Do you really want to bomb them with glitter?"

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