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The no-stress way to handle thank you notes

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The best time to write a thank-you note for a gift is when you receive it, says Anna Post, etiquette expert and author of “Do I Have To Wear White?” (Collins Living, 2009).

In addition to allowing you stay on top of it as they start to trickle in, it lets the giver know that their gift was received. Of course, this may prove a bit more difficult if most of your gifts are brought to your wedding or arrive right before your honeymoon – “I started writing my wedding thank-you notes on my honeymoon, which may be a bit extreme,” says Connie Leas, author of “The Art of Thank You” (Atria Books/Beyond Words, 2002) – but you should get your pen and paper out as soon as you get home.

At the very least, plan to get all your notes out within three months after the wedding. “And remember that it’s never too late,” says Post.

Getting Ahead on Gratitude

To ensure your notes are taken care of in a timely fashion, purchase them ahead of time and set aside a place or packet for note writing with everything you’ll need (addresses, stamps, pens) at hand. “Set goals for yourself, such as 10 notes a day,” Leas says. “You’ll have 100 notes completed in 10 days.”

Make sure you remember everyone and avoid mystery-gifts by taping the gift-card to the opened gift and keeping a gift log, including who the gift is from and what date it arrived, says Post. This process will also remind you whom you should attend to first.

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