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What's in the bride's bag?

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Two pro planners weigh in on the all the required essentials for your Big Day “emergency” bag.

1. Lip gloss

It will keep your makeup looking fresh from I Do’s to photos and beyond, says Wendi Hroncich, founder of Seattle-based Ethereal Events. “But avoid the sticky kind – it will drive you nuts and your groom will hate it too!”

2. Breath mints

They’re ideal for right before you walk down the aisle. But if you want fresh breath that’s longer lasting, pack a travel-size bottle of mouth wash, notes Hroncich.

3. Bobby pins

Get blonde-colored ones if you’re blonde, brown ones if you’re a brunette, and so on, says Brooke Sheldon, owner of Lilybrooke Events in Kennebunkport, Maine.

4. Stain remover

Hroncich loves Shout Wipes or the Tide Pen. “They both work great without leaving bleach marks or a circle on delicate fabrics.”

5. A Band-Aid or Moleskin

These quick-fixes can save the day if your shoes are uncomfortable, or prevent questionable footwear from becoming uncomfortable in the first place, Sheldon says.

6. Safety pins

“They can be used for almost anything in a pinch,” says Hroncich. “Get a variety pack of sizes.”

7. Scissors

Whether it’s taking the tag off a garter or snipping stray strings on clothing, Hroncich always finds that scissors come in handy.

8. Pocket tissues

Use them to blot everything from tears to makeup. Hroncich likes the wedding-themed variety.

9. A protein-packed energy bar

“Chocolate is notorious for getting on everything, so opt for a Yogurt Honey Peanut Balance Bar or Lemon CLIF Builder’s bar,” says Hroncich

10. A helper

“Of course, every bride should have a wedding planner so they don’t have to carry a thing!” says Sheldon. Can’t afford one? Ask someone responsible (ideally not your mother or maid of honor) to ensure your essentials safely make it from ceremony to reception.

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