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Unique alternatives to a wedding cake

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During the wedding planning phase, sometimes choosing a wedding cake is one of the most challenging decisions. Strawberry or vanilla, simple and elegant or detailed and eccentric, floral or abstract and everything in between- it can get overwhelming, we admit it. For some couples, the answer is not abiding by traditional wedding rules and opting for something other than cake. According to Bridal Guide contributors Dora Manuel, William Parkinson, and Sara Geiss, “Tradition or not, there’s no wrong answer as long as you love the idea.”

Here are four sweet suggestions:

1. Cupcake Tower
Is it just us, or is everything more fun when it’s mini-sized? Cupcake Towers provide a simple, versatile option because they are quite simple customizable for your guests and typical enjoyable to all. Cupcakes can usually be ordered in bulk from a local bakery and displayed by the bakery itself or an assistant on the wedding day. The cupcake flavor, frosting option, and toppings can be arranged to match the wedding theme, or the couple can choose several different options to accommodate their guests. The beauty is that the cupcakes do not all have to look or taste the same- and they can easily be saved for later or sent home as favors!

2. Dessert Bar
Picture this: a buffet of nothing but desserts, from macaroons to assorted cheesecakes. A dessert bar is a wonderful option for couples who want their guests to try a little bit of everything. Wedding attendees will appreciate the choices and get excited to find their favorite piece of something sweet on the table. Plus, if the bride and groom choose, they can have their own mini wedding cake to themselves without worrying about their guests liking it. The plethora of desserts will more than satisfy them!

3. Donuts
Donuts make an excellent wedding cake alternative because not only are they delicious, but they are inexpensive and can still be arranged in a traditional way. A few ideas are setting donuts on a pegboard, making it a fun game-like experience for your guests to grab a donut. Another idea could be giving your guests donut preference choices (glazed, cream-filled, chocolate sprinkles, the options are endless) on their invitations to send back when they RSVP- and having their individual donuts tagged and boxed up nicely in the reception hall.

4. Candy Spread
Nothing makes people feel more nostalgic than their favorite candy. A candy spread can include a little bit of everything from fancy chocolate truffles dipped in ganache to sour gummy bears and Sweet Tarts. The bride and groom can choose to make their selections as classy as they want or raid the dollar store for timeless favorites. Either way, everyone will feel giddy when they see a table full of candy! As a favor, guests could get an individual bag with their name on it to fill up with candy before leaving the reception. This is also a great way to eliminate leftovers.

While the idea of a gorgeous cake with many tiers and a decadent appearance is essential to many, wedding cakes aren’t for everyone, and that’s okay!

There are many ways to give your guests a taste of something sweet in a unique way. Some couples may prefer more of a casual approach to sweets at the reception, and some just want to please as many guests as they can. Giving options is a great way to do this, as everyone will feel included and is likely to find something they enjoy on the buffet table.