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Add a Pop of Cool with a Hint of Mint

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Green always is a great color for weddings.
But with summer behind us, a rich, verdant green might be the wrong hue for a cool-weather wedding. Instead, look to icy mint green to add some fun and sophistication to a fall or winter event. Here’s how to pop the pastel into your wedding.

Food and Drink

Mint green can really shine during cocktail hour. Take the trend literally with mint and cucumber cocktails, or serve with another foodie favorite, pretty green pistachio macarons. Another playful option is to lay out a do-it-yourself candy bar with mint-colored and -flavored goodies.


Going against tradition in favor of mint-inspired foliage creates an earthy, eclectic assortment. Few blossoms will match the mint tone, so experiment with soft green leaves like fuzzy lamb’s ear and intersperse delicate white blooms such as baby’s breath throughout bouquets. Offset with small sprigs of herbs or skinny twigs for a rustic edge.


Just a touch of mint is all a wedding needs to stand out. Consider all the opportunities to add a dash of green. Table runners, party favors and balloons all look better with a little mint. The color is also what centerpieces were made for. Find these kinds of objects in trendy colors like mint on independent artisan sites like Etsy.


Mint is a great look for bridesmaids, but even a wedding gown can benefit from a hint of mint. The adventurous bride might sport a light green sash while others might opt for a more muted nod to the color with embroidery or piping along the bodice. Or catch the sunlight in green jewels that sparkle on necklaces and earrings.

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