Scenic City Weddings

Shannon Nations and Zoe Poulter

Engagement Info

December 27, 2018
Newmarket Suffolk England

Wedding Info

October 2, 2019

Full name of future bride

Zoe Poulter

Future bride's parents' names

Nigel and Coral Poulter

Future bride's parents' address

Newmarket, Suffolk, England

Future bride's school, degrees, & sorority

Derby University, Derby, England

Full name of bridegroom

Shannon Nations

Future groom's parents' names

Terry and Lori Nations
Elizabeth Reyna

Future groom's parents' address

Nations - Flintstone, Georgia
Reyna - Rossville, Georgia

Future groom's school, degrees, & fraternity

Graduated from Ridgeland High School
Currently serves as Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force

Day, date and place of wedding

Wednesday, October 2, 2019, Paphos, Cyprus